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Don’t Let the Economy Scare You Blind


Eye Exams are Critical for Living Well

Everyone loves to save money. Budgets are tight, and it’s gratifying to chase and grab all the retail sales and discounts that you can. However, while it’s a smart idea to lower your expenses on retail merchandise, your vision isn’t the place to cut corners!

Think about it – if you can’t see clearly, your daily life is affected severely. You won’t be able to read, see images on a digital screen, drive your car, or gaze upon your family. Without clear and healthy vision, holding down a job and independent living become impossible. Quality eyesight is critical for maintaining your quality of life.

Eye Diseases

Eye disease threatens everyone, regardless of age or physical condition, and the only way to prevent eye disease is through regular eye exams. We know your next question: But I see perfectly and I have no vision complaints, so why do I need an eye exam? … Our answer to you is as clear as 20/20 vision:

Eye diseases do not typically present symptoms until they have advanced to a late stage, when treatment is more complicated, less successful, and much more expensive. When we diagnose your eye disease at the very beginning during a routine eye exam – before you notice a problem – we will treat it immediately! If you only schedule your eye exam after you spot a vision problem, odds are that your disease already progressed to a dangerous situation.

The advantages of early detection and treatment of eye disease are enormous. Eye exams and early treatments cost much less than the complicated procedures necessary for advanced ocular disease. Additionally, early medical intervention is much more effective at saving your sight.

Yearly Eye Exams in Flint

Routine eye exams are the most reliable and economical way to preserve your vision and long-lasting quality of life. At Abdella EyeCare, we will examine your eyes comprehensively, looking out for any abnormalities or signs of a problem, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. We will use the latest technology and high-powered magnification to look at the inner tissues and detailed structure of your eyes.

Many medical conditions can influence the health of your eye tissues, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. When Dr. Abdella inspects your retina and visual system, he is also checking for signs of these life-threatening diseases. If you are already aware that you have diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol, then he will customize your eye exam to monitor your personal health. These medical conditions raise your chances of glaucoma, retinopathy and other problems that threaten vision, and he’ll pay special attention to your personal risk factors. We aim to keep you and your eyes healthy for as long as possible!

While checking for eye disease is the most significant reason for regular eye examinations by an eye care professional, disease is not the only cause of vision changes. Normal aging is also to blame for vision problems, and vision prescriptions often need an upgrade! In fact, you may suffer from symptoms, such as headaches and neck pain, which you do not realize are due to an untreated vision condition. We’ll evaluate your visual acuity to ensure that your prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses is accurate and comfortable for your lifestyle.

If you care about your quality of life, eye exams are not optional – they are a requirement. Dr. John Abdella, your eye doctor in Flint, MI, will focus on keeping your eyes healthy and your vision sharp for as long as possible. If you can’t recall when you last had an eye exam, then now is the perfect time to schedule one!

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